LAUNCHiT! for Directory Marketers, Growth Gurus, Brand Builders and Online Agencies by ian hollander

LAUNCHiT! for Directory Marketers, Growth Gurus, Brand Builders and Online Agencies

Build a Fun, Profitable Online Directory From Scratch

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LAUNCHiT!  Let's build BUZZ for YOUR Blog, brand, online business and bank account!

Here is what you get:  BIG EDIT!  (get all the course contents for free for a limited time - all of the other benefits below are full - but you can read/listen and watch all of the content below for free through July) 

1.  Lifetime access to a small, private community of directory marketers, authority site builders, content curators, and online agency entrepreneurs who value BUILDING ASSETS online, using the directory marketing model.  (or the online agency/web consultant business model - where having an authority site can be a great lead generation tool.  EDIT.  This is full and no longer available as of July)

2.  All of the various videos/audios and downloads below.  This collection is growing and evolving all of the time, and you'll have access to everything I publish in the collection, forever.

3. Per the FAQ below - access to me.  Ask me ANYTHING about launching your own directory,from picking a platform, to scaling your site, to selling services, to getting featured listings the RIGHT way.......and just about anything else in between.    EDIT.  This is full and no longer available as of July)

Simply stated, I will help you make money with your directory - and I will help you make it happen in a hurry.  This is the best reason to invest in this content - the personalized access to me - and if you need it - a team of virtual agents and outsourced helpers that can help you quickly and easily scale your site.  (a separate service available only to folks in my community)

I guarantee that if you follow my advice, on YOUR specific project - you'll start earning income within 30 days from today.  

If you are looking to launch a directory - a marketplace - a web community - a hyper local news or community portal - and need a simple, smart, scalable way to turn your passion into profit, join us below!

What's included?

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Start Here
How to Stop Spinning Your Wheels (AUDIO: Listen at link below)
The Secret of the "Setup"
What Problem do You Solve?
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VIDEO: How to: Making Money from a Web Directory (The Secret of the Setup)
How to Become Fearless in Life & Business
How to: Selling Affiliate Products with a Web Directory
How to write a Featured Listing Email That Converts (The Art of Overwhelming Offers)
How to sell featured listings on your directory:
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0 to 1K: 90 Day Authority Site Challenge
Live content curation case study (July 12th)
0 to 1k. LAUNCHiT! Challenge Invitation
2017-06-25 03_08.mp3
29 mins
0 to 1k. (read the blog post)
Picking a Platform (VIDEO REVIEWS)
Listing Pro Directory Theme Review
ShareTribe Review
Vantage Directory Theme Review
29 mins
naming (1).mp3
12 mins
How to Monetize Your Web Directory
How to: Monetizing a Web Directory (Beyond Featured Listings)
How to Build a Profitable Web Directory Business: (Seeding Your Site With New Members)
Monetizing Your Web Directory
Visualizations and Infographics
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strategy (3).png
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Content Curation
How to use Content Curation (Newsletter Marketing)
Curation Tips, tricks & Techniques
Content Curation (Case Study Update)
Video Curation: How to use Youtube videos to build a website
Why Me? (Standard Example of Process Flow on "Niche" Oriented Directory Invite)
Why Me? (Audio & Swipe File)
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Does this come with personal coaching or help?

Absolutely. You will also get access to a private community where you can ask me ANYTHING about your project, your directory idea, your content, your community, your monetization strategy and more....and i'm happy to not only give you real answers you can try and apply in REAL time - if you need it, I'll record a video specifically for your question. (I can share this in the group - or with your privately, your choice)

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